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Temperature Controlled

From fish to pharmaceuticals, whether it’s a van, trailer or HGV, Seven Asset Management have the capability to specify and build the right vehicles for the job. We can source the base vehicle using our favourable purchasing terms and manage the build process to keep within time and budget expectations.

You will then be supplied with a bespoke fleet on a managed 3 to 7 year contract hire agreement. Our existing capability allows us to manage the vehicle, the fridge unit, tyres and any other regular running costs all under a single agreement, so you get the peace of mind knowing that your fleet is in safe hands, with fixed running costs and no surprises.

Seven Refrigeration have built a reputation as one of the leading suppliers in the static refrigeration sector of the industry managing more than 1000 portable refrigeration units throughout the UK. In addition, Seven Telematics lead the industry with its on-board Transcan recorders and the Cool Track live temperature recording systems.

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