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Safe Urban Driving


In the 21st century there is a consistently increasing population. This means the number of cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists occupying roads throughout the UK is higher than ever before. Therefore, it is essential that HGV drivers understand the risks involved with the modern urban environment.

The Safe Urban Driver course focuses on how fleet drivers share our cities streets, designed to raise awareness of the potential hazards that are faced daily and reduce cyclist incidents. The course takes place over a single day and puts the driver into the cyclist’s shoes, incorporating both practical and theory content for 3.5 hours each. All of the equipment needed for this course is provided by us including bikes, high visibility jackets and helmets.

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Areas covered in this course:

Practical content

  • Exchanging places, driver attitude and perception.
  • Introduction to active travel, driver fitness and health.
  • Hazard recognition: understanding the issues faced by vulnerable road users.

Theory Content

  • The changing streetscape and the urban environment.
  • Vulnerable road users and sharing the road safely.
  • Defensive driving techniques and understand vehicle safety equipment and how to maintain its effectiveness.

We are a fully accredited training provider

We acknowledge our customers needs and busy working schedule, offering nationwide training services at a location convenient to you and ensuring all courses are carried out by in-house instructors, in order to provide consistently high quality courses. All of our courses receive positive clear audits from Jaupt and Qualsafe, allowing you to feel comfortable with the training course you are selecting.


Attending a Safe Urban Driving course is a requirement for standards such as:

  • The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme – FORS
  • Construction Logistics and Community Safety – CLOCS
  • Work Related Road Risk – WRRR

Safe Urban Driving contributes a full day towards the 35 hours required for professional Driver CPC.

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