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Camera and Telematics Systems

When operating a fleet of heavy goods vehicles it is essential to ensure safety and security are taken into consideration at all times, cameras have quickly become an essential piece of equipment for any commercial vehicle. Fitting camera systems to vehicles can benefit businesses for a number of reasons; first of all your drivers will benefit from increased safety whether they are on the road or parked, if a potential thief can see that vehicles are fitted with live camera systems then they are less likely to attempt to steal that vehicle or any of its contents. Secondly, having front and rear camera systems can protect your drivers if they are ever involved in any accidents. Cameras provide vital evidence about any incidents that have taken place and the cause of them, meaning any claims can be sorted efficiently.

Cameras can be fitted to a vehicle in a number of different places, this makes it possible to get live images or recorded footage of specific areas on a daily basis when drivers are operating vehicles within your fleet. Our mobile engineers have fitted various different types of camera systems to thousands of vehicles throughout the United Kingdom including front cameras, side cameras, reversing cameras, load cameras and hitch cameras. Best practice would suggest that your fleet is fully equipped with full camera systems on all vehicles. However, some people opt to focus solely on certain areas such as reversing cameras to stop their drivers reversing into objects or load cameras to increase the safety within their fleet.

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Why Retrofit Camera Systems?

We supply all of our customers with the very best cameras and tracking systems in the commercial vehicle industry, we also configure them to match their specific requirements or preference. So, what benefits will you see as a result of retrofitting cameras to your fleet?

  • Less collisions when operating in tight spaces
  • Less chance of incidents with cyclists as there are no blind spots
  • You could receive lower insurance costs
  • Vandals and thieves will be less likely to target your vehicles if they see cameras
  • You drivers will have evidence if required about incidents with HD CCTV footage
  • Comply with FORS and other safety requirements
  • Protect yourself against false insurance claims

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